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Quinacrine Starilization Safety and Risks

As with most contraceptives, there are some risks in using Quinacrine Sterilization. However, researchers from around the world have studied the human safety of Quinacrine over the past 65 years. This research has concluded that QS is highly safe.
The drug Quinacrine is safe in humans.

Quinacrine Sterilization causes fewer complications than surgical female sterilization methods, especially in parts of the world where hospitals/clinics are poorly equipped.

It is much less risky for a woman to have QS than to carry an unborn child to term and give birth.


The QS procedure administers a safe dosage of Quinacrine: 252 milligrams inserted into the uterus in two doses four weeks apart. That is a total of 504 milligrams compared to the 36,500 - 52,000 milligrams of Quinacrine that Millions of Americans have safely taken by mouth for a period of one year. (Other people have even taken these dosages over many years with few lasting side effects.)

Death Rates

Studies comparing 100,000 QS cases with 100,000 surgical sterilization cases for death rates and surgical complications, revealed the following results:

The QS cases reported no deaths or life threatening complications.

The surgical sterilization cases reported 1-2 out of 100,000 women in industrialized countries, and up to 20 out of 100,000 women in less developed countries died or developed complications.


The rate for QS complications is only 0.03% compared to 1.7% for laparoscopic sterilization. The risks of complications with the surgical method are even greater for women with certain health problems such as respiratory disease, diabetes, obesity, or if they have had abdominal or pelvic surgery.

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Testimonial on QS
"My comments on Quinacrine:
Quinacrine changed my life!
The procedure was essentially painless, affordable, and freeing!
I love my new lifestyle.
Thank you, Dr. Whitney!"
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