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About Dr. Whitney

About Dr. Whitney
Randall B. Whitney, M.D. is a formerly board-certified family practitioner who has practiced medicine in Florida since 1965. Dr. Whitney specializes in female sterilizations and outpatient surgeries. Additionally, he is a member of the following medical organizations:
- Florida Medical Association
- Southern Medical Association
- Physicians for Reproductive Choice & Health
- Association of Reproductive Health Professionals
In 1959, he obtained his Medical Doctorate degree from Tulane Medical School. Immediately after receiving his degree, Dr. Whitney continued his studies with post graduate training for three years. He spent the first year as a "rotating" intern at Duval Medical Center in Jacksonville, Florida, and the following two years as a Family Practice resident, practicing both medical and surgical specialties, in San Bernadino California Hospital. Immediately thereafter, Dr. Whitney served in the United States Air Force for three years as a Flight Medical Officer.</P> <P align=left>In 1965, after he completed his term in the U.S. Military, Dr. Whitney branched out into private practice. He received his board certification in Family Practice and opened his first clinic in Mount Dora, Florida. In 1978, he opened a private birthing center in Daytona Beach, Florida and successfully delivered approximately 1000 babies! </P> <P align=left>Shortly thereafter, Dr. Whitney realized that he preferred to specialize in gynecology and women's heath; so, he reopened the birthing center in 1981 as Family Planning Center, which has successfully been in business for over 20 years. </P> <P align=left>Dr. Whitney is experienced in most Family Planning Center techniques and activities. His expertise includes:</P> <UL> <LI>Contraceptive methods <LI>Male and female sterilizations (under IV sedation and/or local anesthesia) <LI>Circumcisions (for males of all ages) <LI>Abnormal PAP smear diagnoses (treating them after colposcopies with cryosurgery, L.E.E.P., or topical chemicals) <LI>Early chemical, first, and second trimester abortions </LI></UL>

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Testimonial on QS
"My comments on Quinacrine:
Quinacrine changed my life!
The procedure was essentially painless, affordable, and freeing!
I love my new lifestyle.
Thank you, Dr. Whitney!"
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